Represented in South America.

Lehar’s aestethic categories of the sublimity and beauty of nature find their roots in Romanticism.

As you may notice while listening to Lehar’s music compositions, intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process, finally resulting in a near impromptu.

Lehar debut ep ‘Sargas’ on Offenbach imprint Connaisseur Recordings has put him on the map of modern electronic music and represents his artistic manifesto: a mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate basslines and intriguing melodies. He entered the realms of Diynamic by producing a remix for Ost & Kjex’s “Easy”, which went #1 on Beatport’s Electronica Top100. Lehar is a bounds-free creative fantasy that, as the music that he represents, belongs to the world.

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