Holger Hecler

Represented in North America and South America.

Holger Hecler -‐-‐ the career of this artist spans back as far as 1997. Since then he has been a constant figure in the Berlin music scene. Musically his journey has brought him through various genres and different styles. Today you can easily hear this variety in his mixes and music, a very own formula combining Deep House, Minimal and Techno with dips of various genres from around the world. Holger is part of numerous collectives like Bachstelzen, Kater Holzig, Ritter Butzke, Feines Tier and Freudentaumel, representing this very special spiritually fueled club sound Berlin is famous for. As a matter of fact he is also well underway in expanding his international status. What his listeners think about him, reads as follows:

What an unbelievable mix!#I like it.# WOW #whats this? love it!#Super amazing…. do not want this to end!#FUCK THAT IS NICE#So good for the soul <3# wow! #Sooooo enjoying it#amazing!!! lowtempo# explosion in my ears! #everytime i want to listen to a nice flowing mix, i can only think of this mix, thanks!#this is the true beauty of the summer : )#id please !!#track id?#What’s this tune?#Nice one!! ID?#Good work here ! What’s the name of this one please?#id? pls#ID?#need ID

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