Represented in North America and South America.

Camea is best known for her hypnotic, Avant-garde techno sound, and her following continues to grow as one of the underground’s most consistently respected talents. Starting her career as a rave DJ in Seattle in the late 90s, her journey has taken her from West Coast warehouses to Brooklyn’s clandestine techno scene, and finally to Berlin where she resides since 2007. She is most famously known for her role as label head to one of the minimal era’s most illustrious labels, Clink Recordings (2005-2011), and several years as a mainstay on Ellen Allien’s eclectic Bpitch Control Recordings. Inspired by her love for left-field dance music, Camea began a monthly, two-hour cult underground radio show in 2015, Neverwhere Radio. The name, which originated from her acclaimed single of the same title on Bpitch Control, started as a track but turned into a concept that she felt a desire to explore. Her radio show has since earned a dedicated, international following with residencies on Digitally Imported, Ibiza Sonica and Tsugi Radio, and has featured many established guest artists from around the world. In 2016 she expanded her vision into a record label, Neverwhere, and has already achieved a list of established remixers of her own production including Tobias. (OstgutTon), LA-4A aka Ambivalent (Delft, Kompakt), Ian Pooley (Innervisions) and Andre Kronert (Figure). The Neverwhere project focuses on attention to detail and preserving the art of releasing music; telling a story of origins, culture and collaboration through audio and visual mediums. Each release is a vinyl/digital package with modern surrealist artwork, additional multi-media elements, and is dedicated to the quality of the production of each record. Over the years, Camea has had a steady stream of releases and remixes out on labels like M_nus, Watergate, Jeudi, Plus 8, Watergate, Get Physical and more, and from 2011-2016 she was on Bpitch Control, one of Berlin’s premier imprints that can be credited to the evolution of artists like Ellen Allien, Paul Kalkbrenner, Apparat and Modeselektor.

During this time, she composed acclaimed tech-house releases such as ‘City Watch Over Me’, her quintessential ‘Neverwhere’ release, and ‘The Hallway’. Each project included video collaborations with Berlin Film Director, Riza-Rocco Avsar. Camea’s interest in electronic music comes from her musician roots; she is a classically and jazz trained pianist, as well as fluent in several other instruments. Her hard work and dedication has earned her a rigorous international tour schedule, playing festivals and clubs worldwide, and she frequently plays in her home city at clubs like Watergate, Tresor, Panorama Bar, Club Der Visionaere and many other underground events. Even though DJing has stayed the forefront of Camea’s passion, when she is not out performing she spends most of her time in her studio in Berlin, and has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the International stage for her genre.

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